Since as long as I can remember I have loved to compete.

However, throughout my life my "why" for doing what I do has always been changing. From, when i was young and wanted to beat my competition and win.  to young adulthood, wanting to be my best self, and see how far i could go with hard work, to now as a mom, wanting to set an example for my kids and women out there that WE can accomplish whatever they want in life.  


My life

I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do. I am a stay at home mama to three kids 3 and under. My oldest two, Mason and Zoey are boy/girl twins, (turned 3 in July) and are always into mischief, but usually make up for it by doing and saying the cutest things ever. Their younger brother Jack is only 17 months behind them and thinks he is their equal. The three of them make my life more hectic than I could ever have imagined and more fun than I ever would have dreamed. Me and my husband Craig have been married 8 years this August, and there definitely isn't anyone else I'd rather do this wild ride with than him.  

Craig and I met in college, he played football and I ran track. We both grew up in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington), but it wasn't until we came to Weber State for athletics and school that we found each other. Since then most of our family has stayed in Utah and it has grown on us, so we probably wont be leaving any time soon. 

I was a recent college graduate and working for an advertising agency five years ago in June when I came to my first free crossfit class at Wasatch Crossfit. I fell in love, found out I could compete on a team and it was basically history from there. I quit my job, got certified to coach, took on personal training clients and began working in the field right away. I already had a passion for nutrition and had been studying everything I could get my hands on, so I soon took on nutrition clients as well. 


I qualified individually in 2012 for the Crossfit Southwest Regionals, and went team with Wasatch Crossfit (which included my hubby, so we had a blast). We placed 7th overall and I learned that I wanted to do a LOT more competing. As much as I loved to compete, I had an equal desire to start our family. I felt myself not being able to give competition everything I had and we decided to start our family. Fast forward to the next regionals in 2013, I was 34 weeks pregnant with my twins, cheering my husband on and committing to myself that I would be on that competition floor the following year.

I had my twins in July and qualified for the 2014 Crossfit regionals in February despite being crazy sick for 6 weeks during the open and prior to regionals (sickness caused by my weak immune system from being pregnant AGAIN and not knowing it!). I almost decided not to compete feeling so unprepared, but went for fun and had a blast, placing 21st in the region. (Little did I know I was 3 months pregnant with Jack at regionals). I had also qualified for USAW National Championships and competed at that (5 months pregnant without knowing) placing 20th overall. Shortly after that we realized I was pregnant (more about that wild story later) and prepared for baby #3 that would be coming 3 months later! 

I had a home birth in December 2014 and life was totally crazy with three kids under 18 months old. But, I slowly got back into shape, did the open for fun in 2015 and worked to qualify for the South Super Regionals in 2016. I trained mostly by myself all year, without a coach. I followed online programming and did most of my training early mornings before my kids woke up, so I only had to bring them to the gym for a short session when I did 2x a days. The open came in 2016, (I was 14 months postpartum) and completely surprised myself and placed top 10 heading into the regionals. I had an awesome weekend at Regionals and came out 6th overall (top 5 go to the Crossfit Games). I was so excited about my performance, and also so disappointed to just miss out on a chance at the games. I learned a lot during that weekend though and I am already excited for next year. 


Since having the twins 3 years ago, I have developed my online business and have had the awesome opportunity to work with hundreds of clients over that time. I have done nutrition coaching (via macros), paleo meal plans, zone meal plans, at-home workout programs, gym programming, running programming, customized programming and everything in-between. It has been so much fun to see people get in amazing shape, get stronger, more proficient at their fitness and feel confidence for the first time in years. It has fueled me to focus more on online coaching as I love it so much! 

Currently my life is spent taking care of my family, and training for the 2017 Crossfit Season. I also spend quite a bit of my time with my online programming, meal plans, as well as coaching athletes at our gym. I love the crazy, hectic, stage of life we are currently at and feel so lucky to be able to have all of the awesome experiences I do. 

If I could share anything with the women that follow me it would be that we are STRONG, CAPABLE, POWERFUL, beings and we deserve everything in this life. Hard work and sacrifice are so important, but if you're willing, you can accomplish greatness. I want to empower women to love their bodies, embrace motherhood (if that is the route you choose in life), and be okay with not being perfect.

Find your way of doing things and go after what you want. I think a huge thing that has shifted for me as I became a mom was learning to embrace my body and tell myself that it's okay to still have dreams and goals. Me going after what I want, only makes my kids want to do the same, and that is something that fuels me every day. I want them to chase their dreams, so I am going to chase mine.

I cant wait to share the rest of my journey with you. Thanks for following!